American League teams and ballparks

Baltimore Orioles1992-Oriole Park at Camden Yards
Baltimore Orioles1954-1991Memorial Stadium
St. Louis Browns1909-1953Sportsman's Park III
St. Louis Browns1902-1908Sportsman's Park II
Milwaukee Brewers1901Lloyd Street Grounds
Boston Red Sox1912-Fenway Park
Boston Red Sox1907-1911Huntington Avenue Grounds
Boston Pilgrims1903-1906Huntington Avenue Grounds
Boston Somersets1902Huntington Avenue Grounds
Boston Americans1901Huntington Avenue Grounds
Chicago White Sox2003-U.S. Cellular Field1
Chicago White Sox1991-2002Comiskey Park II1
Chicago White Sox1910-1990Comiskey Park I
Chicago White Sox1901-1910South Side Park
Cleveland Indians2008-Progressive Field2
Cleveland Indians1994-2007Jacobs Field2
Cleveland Indians1947-1993Cleveland Municipal Stadium
Cleveland Indians1937-1946League Park/Cleve Muni Stad3
Cleveland Indians1934-1936League Park
Cleveland Indians1932-1933Cleveland Municipal Stadium
Cleveland Indians1928-1932League Park4
Cleveland Indians1916-1927Dunn Field4
Cleveland Indians1915League Park4
Cleveland Naps1903-1914League Park4
Cleveland Bronchos1902League Park4
Cleveland Blues1901League Park4
Detroit Tigers2000-Comerica Park
Detroit Tigers1961-1999Tiger Stadium5
Detroit Tigers1938-1960Briggs Stadium5
Detroit Tigers1912-1937Navin Field5
Detroit Tigers1903-1911Bennett Park
Detroit Tigers1901-1902Bennett/Bruns Park6
Kansas City Royals1993-Kauffman Stadium7
Kansas City Royals1973-1993Royals Stadium7
Kansas City Royals1969-1973Municipal Stadium
Los Angeles Angels2005-Angel Stadium8
Anaheim Angels2004Angel Stadium8
Anaheim Angels1998-2003Edison International Field8
California Angels1966-1997Anaheim Stadium8
California Angels1965Chavez Ravine (Dodger Stadium)
Los Angeles Angels1962-1964Chavez Ravine (Dodger Stadium)
Los Angeles Angels1961Wrigley Field
Milwaukee Brewers2001-Miller Park (NL)
Milwaukee Brewers1998-2000Milwaukee County Stadium (NL)
Milwaukee Brewers1970-1997Milwaukee County Stadium
Seattle Pilots1969Sicks' Stadium
Minnesota Twins2010-Target Field
Minnesota Twins1982-2009Metrodome
Minnesota Twins1961-1981Metropolitan Stadium
Washington Senators1920-1960Griffith Stadium9
Washington Senators1903-1920National Park9
Washington Senators1901-1902American League Park
New York Yankees2009-Yankee Stadium II
New York Yankees1976-2008Yankee Stadium I
New York Yankees1974-1975Shea Stadium
New York Yankees1923-1973Yankee Stadium I
New York Yankees1913-1922Polo Grounds
New York Highlanders1903-1912Hilltop Park
Baltimore Orioles1901-1902Oriole Park
Oakland Athletics2008-Oakland-Alameda Cnty Coliseum10
Oakland Athletics2005-2008McAfee Coliseum10
Oakland Athletics1998-2004Network Associates Coliseum10
Oakland Athletics1998-1998Oakland-Alameda Cnty Coliseum10
Oakland Athletics1997-1998UMAX Coliseum10
Oakland Athletics1968-1997Oakland-Alameda Cnty Coliseum10
Kansas City Athletics1955-1967Municipal Stadium
Philadelphia Athletics1953-1954Connie Mack Stadium11
Philadelphia Athletics1909-1952Shibe Park11
Philadelphia Athletics1901-1908Columbia Park
Seattle Mariners1999-Safeco Field
Seattle Mariners1977-1999Kingdome
Tampa Bay Raysc2011-New Rays ballpark
Tampa Bay Rays2008-c2011Tropicana Field
Tampa Bay Devil Rays1998-2007Tropicana Field
Texas Rangers2007-Rangers Ballpark in Arlington12
Texas Rangers1994-2007Ameriquest Field12
Texas Rangers1994-2004The Ballpark in Arlington12
Texas Rangers1972-1993Arlington Stadium
Washington Senators1969-1971R.F.K. Stadium13
Washington Senators1962-1968D.C. Stadium13
Washington Senators1961Griffith Stadium
Toronto Blue Jays2005-Rogers Centre14
Toronto Blue Jays1989-2004SkyDome14
Toronto Blue Jays1977-1989Exhibition Stadium

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NL - National League

1 Comiskey Park II, built in 1991, was renamed U.S. Cellular Field in 2003.
2 Jacobs field, built in 1994, was renamed Progressive Field in 2008.
3 The Indians played on Sundays and holidays at Cleveland Stadium.
4 League Park, built in 1891 and renovated in 1910, was renamed Dunn Field from 1916-1927.
5 Navin Field, built in 1912, was renamed Briggs Stadium in 1938 and Tiger Stadium in 1961.
6 The Tigers played on Sundays and holidays at Bruns Park.
7 Royals Stadium, built in 1973, was renamed Kauffman Stadium in 1993 in honer of owner Ewing Kauffman.
8 Anaheim Stadium, built in 1966, was renamed Edison International Field in 1998 and Angel Stadium in 2004.
9 National Park, built in 1892 and rebuilt in 1911, was renamed Griffith Stadium in 1920.
10 Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum, built in 1966, was renamed UMAX Coliseum for part of 1997 and 1998. The name reverted breifly back to Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum in 1998 until it was renamed Network Associates Coliseum that same year. In 2005, the name was changed to McAfee Coliseum, reflecting the corporation's name change from the previous year. In 2008, the Coliseum reverted to its original name.
11 Shibe Park, built in 1909, was renamed Connie Mack Stadium in 1953.
12 The Ballpark in Arlington, built in 1994, was renamed Ameriquest Field in 2004 and Rangers Ballpark in Arlington in 2007.
13 D.C. Stadium, built in 1961, was renamed R.F.K. Stadium in 1969.
14 SkyDome, built in 1989, was renamed the Rogers Centre in 2005.

Special thanks to Michael Gershman, Sean Lahman, Philip J. Lowry and Lauren Zuckerman for their contributions to this list.

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