Comiskey Park
My Baseball Dream
by Ray Bergman

Game 10 - White Sox vs Yankees at Comiskey Park

August 14, 1996

As we arrive in Chicago I must tell all you dreamers that this old but not quite run down pitcher has come up with a lingering problem just below my left knee and it has slowed me down quite a bit. It started in Atlanta and has caused me great pain. I checked into an urgent care center in Atlanta and a hospital in Chicago. I have named it "baseball knee" It has not responded to two different antibotics yet, but have no fear I will continue on and go the full nine innings, or in my case all 28 stadiums.

The Whitesox now play at the new Comiskey park, just across the street from the old Comiskey. My Mother, who grew up in Chicago, remembers her mother taking her on the street car to see the Whitesox play at Comiskey. Today my son and I will witness the Whitesox hosting the New York Yankees.

Memories... It was 1957, the year that the Giants and Dodgers announced that they were leaving New York. I was 15 years old at the time and I thought I would die from the pain of it! How could my idiols, my heroes, my reason for living do this to me? However I still had radio. I would religiously listen to Les Keiter, a sportscaster of that day, recreate the San Francisco Giants games. He would read the tape of the game in a studio with piped in crowd noise, a stick and a wooden block to replicate the games at Seal Stadium where the Giants now played. Of course T.V. was in its infancy and televising live games that were not local was a long ways away. What did we know? We thrilled at the sounds and feel of the game recreated in a studio. Our mind's eyes were more vivid than any camera could ever be.

Its time to take our seats and get ready for some LIVE BASEBALL.

The starting pitcher for the Yankees is Andy Pettitte and for the Whitesox, Jim Baldwin will take the mound. Both pitchers were doing a great jog with no runs scored through five and a half inning. Frank (the big hurt) Thamas homered over the center field fence in the bottom of the sixth to give the Whitesox a 1-0 lead. The Yankees came back in their half of the seventh with two runs including a home run by Tito Martinez. The Yankees added another homer in the eighth off the bat of Derek Jeeter and that completed the scoring for this game. Final: Yankees 3, Whitesox 1.


  • The new Comiskey was one of the best parks we have come across so far. It is very clean with lots of concession stands.
  • It is a two deck stadium with three levels of skyboxes.
  • The winning pitcher in this game was Andy Pettitte and the loser Jim Baldwin.
  • A save was picked up by Mario Rivera of the Yankees.
  • Player of the gamewas Frank Thomas, who, in a losing cause, had a single, double and a home run for the Whitesox.
  • The attendance was 23,350 and it took two hours and thirty-three minutes to complete the game in a temperature of 78 degrees.
Hang in there baseball dreamers. The seventh inning strech is almost here. Tune in for the next game and find out how my ailing knee is holding up.

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