Wrigley Field
My Baseball Dream
by Ray Bergman

Game 12 - Cubs vs Astros at Wrigley Field

August 17, 1996

We got a head start coming back from the Twin Cities by leaving right after game 11 and staying in Eau Claire, Wisconsin for the night. From here it will be a long fly ball back to Chicago for the afternoon game between the Cubs and Astros.

Once in Chicago, we drove to the elevated train station and took it to the friendly confines of Wrigley Field. It was like I went back in time fifty years ago when I lived in the Bronx, NYC . The "EL" train went past apartment buildings, neighborhood stores and every ethinic community . When we arrived at Wrigley and went down to the streets, it was a mad house. Plenty of places to eat, drink and party! There were music and street vendors everywhere. The best was yet to come. We walked into paradise, better known as Wrigley Field. What a beautiful sight, the brick wall behind home plate, the ivy covered outfield wall, the bleachers, the roof tops filled with onlookers and party goers. I have never wittnessed any park like it. This really is a dream.

It was standing room only. They still have the old manual operated scoreboard and advertising signs on the walls in the ballpark, plus some signs on the rooftops of the freeloaders. Harry Carey singing "take me out to the ballgame" was more than you could expect. We've all seen him sing it on television but nothing compares to being there. The game wasn't important. The atmosphere of the sold out crowd and the continuous excitment of the day, be it on the field or in the stands, was what we enjoyed. Oh! By the way, the Cubs won 12-3.

Steve Trachsel pitched a complete game and didn't give up an earned run. Darryl Kile was ineffective as the score indicates for the Astros and was the starter and loser for Houston.


  • Louis Gonzales had the only homer of the game.
  • There were 39,775 people in attendance.
  • The game was played in two hours and fifty-nine minutes and it was a perfect 78 degrees.
  • This was an experience I will never forget. Win or lose, the fans will always love their Cubs. How could they not?
Now I'm off to Milwaukee. My son Marc leaves me at this point of the Dream, so I'm on my own for the next few games. I'll miss him. We did a lot of father-son bonding and saw some beautiful scenery as we drove across a major part of the U.S.A. and joined thousands of other baseball fans who also enjoy the national pastime.

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