My Baseball Dream
by Ray Bergman

Game 27 - Mariners vs Rangers at the Kingdome

September 16, 1996

A funny thing happened to me and my companion on the way to game 27. We found another stadium and another baseball dream game. This stadium is the biggest one we have ever seen. It was unbelieveable. It had infinite levels with numerous sky boxes, but no luxury suites unless your name was Smokey the Bear. The seating levels had Aspens and evergreens plus charred remnants of a horrible fire in 1988. We, the tourists, started against the home team star, Old Faithful, at 1.30 MDT. Old faithful erupted and the game ended in spectacular fashion. The home team won the game but we were the winners also by having the chance to view Yellowstone Park for the first time.

I hope this article makes it all the way onto the website, as I had the misfortune of dropping my laptop and damaging its inners. Luckly, I will be home for the next and final game and will have access to a my regular PC to wind up game 28 and my dream.

It's a travel day, 52 and counting. Left Boseman, Montana early this morning. It was a beautiful, fresh cool day. Rain showers persisted throughout this part of the country as we passed through western Montana and the panhandle of Idaho. Montana is a very interesting state. I think it's because of the vast differences in the geography. The scenery shifts within minutes from fertile valleys of ranches and farms to heavily wooded, pine covered Rocky Mountain terrain. Coming down from Butte, we descended from high sierra country to a barren, treeless, prairie landscape in less than five minutes.

In a few hours we will be in Seattle for the game between the Mariners and Rangers, both fighting for the right to go to the playoffs and World Series. It should be interesting.

The Mariners started Jamie Moyer and the Rangers sent former Giants and Marlins starter John Burkett to the mound for the start of this crucial four game series. The fans in Seattle were the most enthusiastic I have seen on this trip. There was never a moment of silence as they cheered for their team throughout the nine innings. Jamie Moyer pitched eight scorless innings for the win and the Mariners moved up in their race for a playoff spot with their fifth straight victory. They closed within five games of the league leading Rangers. They also improved their chances in the wild card chase by moving to within 3 1/2 games of Baltimore. Moyer is now (12-3), matching his career high.


  • Winning pitcher: Jamie Moyer.
  • Loser: John Burkett.
  • Final Score: Seattle 6, Texas 0.
  • Attendance: 50,544.
  • Time of game: 2:48.
  • Temperature: 72.
  • Gas prices: $1.35/gal.
  • Tragedy: One broken lap top computer.
Well, fellow dreamers, I am now rounding third and heading for home. It has been a gruelling trip, but well worth it. After the last game in Oakland, I will have "Ray's Ratings" on all the stadiums and will recount the highlights of the dream. Please vote for your favorite park, be it new, current or old.

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