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Huntington Avenue Grounds

Huntington Avenue Grounds with Boston Storage Warehouse and Opera House

Boston, Massachusetts

Tenant: Boston Red Sox (A.K.A. Americans, Pilgrims, Puritans, Plymouth Rocks, Somersets).
Opened: May 8, 1901
First night game: Never
Last game: October 7, 1911
Demolished: n/a
Surface: Grass
Capacity: 11,500 (1901)

Boston Red Sox tickets:

Location: Left field (NW), Huntington Avenue; third base (SW), Bryant (Rogers) Street, now Forsyth Street; first base (SE) New Gravelly Pt. and New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad tracks; right field (NE), New Gravelly Pt.

Dimensions: Left field: 350 ft.; left center: 440 ft.; center field: 530 ft. (1901), 635 ft. (1908); right field: 280 ft. (1901), 320 ft. (1908); backstop: 60 ft.

Fences: n/a

Fans watch infield practice just before a 1903 World Series game


  • Built across the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad tracks from the South End Grounds, home of the Boston Braves.
  • Scene of the first American League - National League World Series in 1903.
  • Had the deepest center field in the big leagues (635 feet).
  • Built on a former circus lot, there were large patches of sand in the outfield where grass would not grow.
  • A tool shed in deep center field was in play.
  • Cy Young threw the first modern perfect game there on May 5, 1904.
  • Site is now occupied by Northeastern University.
  • The World Series Exhibit Room in Cabot Physical Education Center, on the current site, is devoted to mementoes of the 1901-1911 Red Sox era.
  • A plaque on the side of the Cabot Physical Education Center, commemorating the location of where the left field foul pole used to be, was unveiled in 1956.
  • In 1993, a statue of Cy Young was placed where the pitchers mound and home plate used to be.

Northeastern Univ. / Cy Young statue (click to read plaque)

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Huntington Avenue Grounds with Boston Storage Warehouse and Opera House courtesy of the Franklin Digital Collection.
Huntington Avenue Grounds during 1903 World Series by Munsey & Suppes.
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